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Asian Security Seminar: An Asia-Pacific Alliance?

2 April 2012

Dr Tatsuya Nishida discusses a potential Asia-Pacific alliance

Dr Tatsuya Nishida of Hiroshima City University, Japan, delivered an Asian Security Seminar at the Department of International Relations at the ANU on 27 March.

In his presentation, Dr Nishida argued that the existing hub-and-spokes system in the Asia-Pacific should be transformed and redesigned into a multilateral Asia-Pacific alliance.

He also outlined why this change had become necessary – particularly in terms of why the present bilateral system needed to be refitted into a multilateral framework – and explored the key differences between the two systems and how they would operate. The presentation was followed by a lively Q & A session.

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Responding to China

25 March 2012

Members of the ANU-MacArthur Asia Security Initiative Project participated in a regional seminar held in Seoul, South Korea, on 16-17 March.

Seminar participants at Seoul National University

The seminar, entitled "The Rise of China and the Changing Trends of Middle Power's China Policy," took place at the Graduate School of International Studies (GSIS), Seoul National University. It involved participants from South Korea, Japan, and Australia, including ANU's Professor William Tow, Professor Rikki Kersten, Associate Professor Brendan Taylor, Dr Amy Catalinac and Dr David Envall.

In the face of a rising China and the relative decline of the United States, the seminar was an initiative to assess the changing trends of those middle powers' policies towards China. The program also included a live telecast session between 13 SNU and 15 ANU PhD and MA students, in which students from both schools were able to convey their views on this issue.

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Associate Professor Norifumi Namatame gives Asian Security Seminar

24 January 2012

On 19 January, Associate Professor Norifumi Namatame gave 2012's first Asian Security Seminar at the Department of International Relations, Australian National University.

Professor Namatame, a Visiting Fellow in the Department of International Relations at ANU in 2011, is an associate professor at Tohoku Fukushi University, Japan. He received his PhD from the University of Denver and is the author of numerous works on conflict resolution and Japanese and security policy.

Entitled "Japan's Domestic Factors on Security Policy Making: A Case of Ballistic Missile Defense," the presentation examined some of the unique characteristics in Japan's defense and security policy making. The seminar also focused on the domestic factors that have promoted or constrained Japan's decision making and analyzed the future course of Japanese security diplomacy.

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